Investment model


Moira Capital Partners, a strategic partner

Investing in companies searching for high-yield projects in the medium and long term.

Moira Capital Partners’ distinctive approach, based on three core ideas, enables to reach high ROIs.

Long term partner

Moira Capital Partners is a unique Spanish Private Equity investor which brings a new long term investment focus.
Such strategy makes us identify the investees’ growth potential and value creation.

Flexible deal a deal strategy

Moira Capital Partners studies each opportunity on the grounds of their distinctive growth potential and high-yield returns generation.
By means of two well differentiated strategies, we are able to provide in all kinds of sectors with more suitable capital solutions depending on each kind of project or company.
Moira Capital Partners sets up a specific investment vehicle for each investee, resulting in a clear advantage for companies and investors.
  • Investments between €5M and up to €20M.
  • High growth potential of fully consolidated companies or under development, by consolidating sectors (build-ups) or with an ability to echo their business models whether national or internationally (roll-outs).
  • Investments between €5M and up to €20M.
  • Consolidated companies carrying out transformational growth projects aimed at global market leadership.

Adding Value

Moira Capital Partners’ model is based on its partners’ total devotion, setting out and supporting our investees during the strategy implementation stage and in their business models.
The partners of Moira Capital Partners are highly experienced in topmost business management. Moira Capital Partners offers our business partners and investees our unique expertise and knowledge, thus contributing in the long term to the value creation process in a real and effective way.

Clear advantages for companies and investors