Nice Fruit Group


Moira Capital debuts with the technological leader in frozen food

Since June 2017, Moira Capital has become part of Nice Group. Nice has developed a revolutionary physical treatment, without chemical additives, which prepares any organic matter in such a way that when frozen, no break up is suffered by its molecular structure. This is a disruptive technology of the food value chain. Nice has developed equipment and software that allow the use of this technique with the fruit, so this can keep its original taste and properties after and industrial freezing process. This process, which also applies to meat, fish and vegetables, has been internationally patented and registered, including USA.

Due to the size of the global fruit market and the business opportunity of creating a new product category (frozen fruit for fresh consumption), Nice decided, apart from being dedicated to make its technology available to the market, to expand the market of frozen fruit for fresh consumption. Nice Fruit has been processing fruit since 2010. Currently, it holds 16,000 MT yearly in its two plants, located in Barcelona and the Philippines; and along 2017 it has been developing five additional plants in different countries. The plant in Philippines has been done in partnership with Del Monte, the largest international pineapple producer; a strategy followed by Nice Fruit with other international producers, such as Zespri for kiwi in New Zealand, Galsky Group in Peru, Vilaseca Group in Ecuador and Les Domeins in Morocco.

Nice Fruit is expected to terminate with a 60-million-euro turnover in 2017 and, thanks to the opening of new manufacturing plants, to reach a tenfold increase in the forthcoming years.

Nice Fruit is causing an industrial revolution within the global fruit market, equivalent to the one triggered in the 60s by the UHT process in the dairy industry.