Pedro Jaén Group


Moira Capital Partners makes it to Pedro Jaén, a dermatology clinic leader in Spain. The investment firm will initially invest €10M in the construction of a new medical centre and the expansion of the Group’s successful model to the rest of Spain and Latin America. Moira Capital Partners, investment firm led by Javier Loizaga, has closed its second transaction with the arrival of the Spanish leading company on the topmost dermatology treatments, Grupo Pedro Jaén. Grupo Pedro Jaén is a unique example of Spanish private healthcare, whose hallmark is medical and scientific excellence, along with high quality services and a portfolio of clients made out entirely of private clients with a high return rate. The group’s plan, whose journey started more than 25 years ago with private consultations from Dr Pedro Jaén, Chief of the Dermatology Section at the well-known Spanish hospital Ramón y Cajal, is to expand their geographical presence from its current HQ in Madrid to various Spanish cities and reach Latin America, where the sector grows at double digit rates. In order to promote the group’s Business Plan, Moira Capital will initially contribute with €10M, destined to the construction of a new medical centre in Madrid, meant to become the company’s flagship, as well as contributing to develop its national and international expansion plan.  Still keeping its hallmarks and success key factors: quality, service, discretion and technological forefront. Moira Capital Partners’ goal is to achieve a larger enterprise in the medium term. ‘We believe Pedro Jaén model as unique, with top level doctors and a loyal and strong customer base, which means a clear growth opportunity both in Spain and abroad’, states Javier Loizaga, Moira’s chairman. Grupo Pedro Jaén belongs to Dr Pedro Jaén and nowadays relies on a medical team of 30 physicians (18 of them, dermatologists), all of them with the highest professional qualifications and outstanding credentials at their respective areas of expertise. Its main vocation has been the study, research and treatment of skin cancer, along with aesthetic dermatology and skin ageing prevention of high standards. In this respect, the company offers a wide range of services and units of clinical dermatology (diagnosis, prevention and overall treatment of skin cancer, including Mohs surgery, less invasive and more effective, paediatric dermatology, at-home light therapy, trichology and many more), as well as aesthetic services (i.e. plastic surgery, facial and body rejuvenation, laser unit and hair transplant). The company has been diversifying their service portfolio, including specialties with a high growth potential such as reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery, angiology and vascular surgery, regenerative medicine, endocrinology and nutrition, disciplines where Grupo Pedro Jaén strives for a place within state-of-the-art medicine.