Moira Capital Partners will allocate five million euros to fund the business plan of EuroEspes, a company listed since 2011 on the Alternative Stock Market (Mercado Alternativo Bursátil – MAB).

EuroEspes operates in three essential areas of personalised medicine: Medical Services; Genomic Medicine and Pharmacogenomics; and Nutraceutical Products. The company operates with its own Medical Centre in A Coruña, which is an international reference in Genomic Medicine.

EuroEspes is a leading global company in the R&D of nervous system diseases, with a unique scientific production in the private sector. This has allowed the company to attain a high degree of innovation in Genomics and Epigenetics, and also Medical Nutraceuticals. EuroEspes has an integrated business model that includes highly specialised medical services, molecular diagnoses and personalised treatment. This business activity is completed with the development and manufacture of nutraceutical bioproducts in their Biotechnology Division, oriented at preventing and treating prevalent diseases.

Through Genomic medicine, the Biomedical Research Centre of EuroEspes promotes a change in the health care model by implementing a molecular diagnosis based on epigenetic and genomic biomarkers, personalisation of pharmacological treatment through pharmaco-epigenetic and pharmacogenomic protocols, and the implementation of prevention programmes in risk populations.

The EuroEspes Medical Centre is a pioneer in the development of pharmacogenomics of the central nervous system, especially in the personalised treatment of neurodegenerative diseases; and the nutraceuticals developed by EuroEspes are exclusive bioproducts on the international market.